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why am i even complaining on a stupid fuckin sideblog im annoying myself idk what to do

1:21 am     1 note
April 18 2014

ive felt like crying all night but the tears wont fall down i wish i could just fucking cry and feel better but i just have this lump in my throat and i was trying to watch a movie but i just shut it off halfway through bc i couldnt concentrate and i wanna play guitar but i feel too exhausted to leave my bed and idk why i feel like this why why why why

1:20 am     1 note
April 18 2014

fuck no one cares about my stupid ass problems idk why i expect people to care im such a shit person i only wanna vent to someone and then have them tell me everything is gonna be ok when its not but i dont deserve that and i dont even care

11:06 pm     2 notes
April 17 2014

i havent been happy for a while and it has nothing to do with nicholas it has to do with me being a shit friend and a shit person and me not knowing what the fuck im doing with my life and me disappointing my parents and me just being all around a bit of a fuck up after years of convincing myself that i had my act together but no and i still miss jennah all the time. i have a photo of her and the letter she wrote me taped up on my mirror and i look at it every day and i miss her a lot and i think that i have to stop being miserable bc jennah wouldnt like me to be sad like this but it sucks

8:31 pm     1 note
April 17 2014

i had a dream that i woke up in the morning and nicholas called me on the phone bc he just wanted to talk to me


2:54 pm
April 17 2014
Post tags: imagine if that actually happened i would throw up

someone punch me in the god damn face i am so upset

9:34 pm
April 10 2014

i cant fucking stand how sick to my stomach i get when i think about nicholas like what the fuck. my chest seizes up and my heart aches and my fingertips feel warm and my stomach drops JUST BY THINKING ABOUT HIM the fuck is wrong with me it makes me upset i love him so god damn much

9:31 pm
April 10 2014

idk why i watch romance movies they just make my heart ache and they make me think of how fuckin crazy i am about nicholas

6:46 pm
April 10 2014

confession: i have way too many photos of nicholas saved on my phone and i look at them when im sad i am pathetic

11:48 pm     1 note
April 8 2014

when nicholas asks me whats wrong and in my head im just like “lmao u not being in love with me is whats wrong”

11:07 pm
April 8 2014