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i read the text and its not weird or anything but he said sorry bc he got the vibe that i was uncomfortable with him. but then he told me he saw the str*kes live and im like ok i will not continue this convo

5:51 pm
August 25 2014

im so uncomfortable that hes contacting me…..he wasnt even rude to me or anything but im not comfortable and when i think about being physically intimate with anyone i just feel uncomfortable

obviously nicholas is the exception i want to cuddle him until next year but :(

5:37 pm     1 note
August 25 2014

the dude i hooked up and that ive been ignoring for months is texting me again???? please no i havent even read the text but why me

5:32 pm     1 note
August 25 2014

when u cant hang out with ur best friends bc they only want to go to bars so its like TOUGH SHIT KRISTEN but then my coworkers take me out and sneakily buy me drinks and tell me we can go drunk bowling and give me shots in the bathroom lmao


9:25 pm     2 notes
August 23 2014

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2:40 am
August 21 2014

i miss nicholas a lot but i dont wanna talk to him hes a fuckass

im grateful that i work a lot bc otherwise i would spend my days laying in bed staring at my phone and weighing the pros and cons of texting nicholas or not but i need to wean myself off of him at some point

but at the same time some days feel fine and other days i feel like nothing in the world matters except nicholas and thinking about him makes my chest ache and burn so wtf

12:17 am
August 21 2014

im mad at nicholas right now dont ask me why its so dumb but im mad

7:28 pm     2 notes
August 16 2014

hes lying to me about something to stupid and it makes me really upset idk why he doesnt understand how much i love him its so fucking stupid and idk why i even bother with him but i do bc i love him and its terrible

3:09 am     1 note
August 16 2014

im also a lil sad bc years ago like during middle and high school i had a serious best friend like she used to stay with me for entire summers in my house and we did everything together and she would come over to my house and play video games and talk about HP we even went on fuckin vacation together to the HP theme park and like i cared about her a lot idk

but like she moved away and we drifted apart and we became different people and its just lame man like all of a sudden we just stopped talking to each other and i was like what happened

but earlier today i noticed she liked one of my posts?? so i sent her a message bc a new video game is coming out that was one of her fav games back in the day and she didnt message me back and im like idk :(((

12:39 am     1 note
August 15 2014

im so annoyed ugh whenever my friends wanna hang out as a group they always end up wanting to go to bars and its like “so idk sorry kristen” bc i cant fuckin go and i dont expect them to have to compromise for me all the time but THIS ALWAYS FUCKIN HAPPENS ive been excited to hang out with them all week and now its like WELP BAR HOPPING TIME and im like damn ok…….playin me cold

the good news is that i talked to nicholas until like 7am yesterday and he “accompanied me” on my walk to the store in the morning and i was texting him photos of my neighborhood and it was cute

12:34 am     1 note
August 15 2014